Farm Day Potluck

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Autumn has brought us an abundance of delicious food from the garden! After working a hard but productive Farm Day we all joined Paul and Marty for a feast set for a king. Coconut cabbage, papaya salad and fresh garden salsa were some of the mouthwatering dishes that graced the table. Bon appetit!

2793-Tatiana-Kate-and-Kyle2780 Wine-and-bread2772-Austin-squeezing-meyer-limes

Our Stand Gets A New Roof

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Our stand gets a new roof!
Hana Farm's road-side market now has a new roof. Special thanks to Uncle Francis and his crew for supplying us with a new roof in the middle of winter (the rainy season). Our dry heads are very apprechiative. The new roof is made of fraunds grown locally here in Hana, and installed the traditional way for Hawaiian Hale (homes). It gives our stand a very local feel, thanks again to everyone who helped out over the week or so we were under construction.

new stand roof

Passion Flowers Mean...

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Passion Fruits!
Its almost Lilikoi (passionfruit) season here in Hana. Just waiting for these incredible flowers to turn into the sweet and tart passion fruits we love. If your in Hana in the next few months, don't leave without trying one!


Jade Vine Leis

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Jade Vine Leis
The jade vines are in bloom this year, and Aja has begun making a select number of leis, available for sale at the stand here in Hana.
The jade vine is a rare vine that blooms only once a year, and it is the only turquoise flower in the world.

JadeLei-close-upJade-vine and leis