GingerWhat We Grow At Hana Farms

Edible Ginger (Zingiberaceae) grows profusely in the tropical Hawaiian climate we have here at Hana Farms. There are several edible gingers, but this common variety is the most popular and what you will most likely see at your local grocer. Our edible ginger is in flower now in November and eventually the flowers and stocks you see in the image above will die off and look like it has died, but the rhizome beneath the soil (the part you eat) remains alive and grows. The best way to store ginger is in the ground, so we all just pick it when we need it.
We use our edible ginger in several of the products we sell including our Coconut Curry Hot Sauce and Lilikoi Jam. We also make our own home made Ginger Beer, but we are not currently maketing it until we perfect our production methods (but you might find it at our Clay Oven pizza night).

Edible-common-ginger-rhizomeGinger is a rhizome, meaning that it sprouts roots and leaves from an underground stem. There are many varieties of Ginger (more than 50 in India alone) but only three are commonly used in food. This common variety is one. Here at Hana Farms we also grow the other two edible gingers, which are Galangal or Thai ginger. It has a more complete spicier and earthy flavor and is what is used in the Thai Coconut Soup you can find at almost any Thai restuarant. The third type of edible ginger is Tumeric, which grows especially well here on the farm and is popular for cooking with our farm residents. We use it in smoothies, Indian recipes, and stir fry's.