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Donna Mae

Supplies: Star Fruit, Local Plant Knowledge

 We have known Donna Mae for years and she has taught us so much about the local plants here on the Hana side of Maui. Donna Mae has a beautiful place in Nahiku where she grows a wide vareity of fruits and flowers. 



Supplies: Lilikoi, Bananas, Giant Red Figs

 Our Neighbor Danny supplies us with a variety of organically grown fruit including Lilikoi, Banananas, and his exceptional giant red figs. Danny also helps out our farm and farm residents in many other ways and is a great resource for local Hana knowledge.




Alan not only supplies us with a variety of fruit from Honokalani Ranch, but he is continually doing projects and fixing things around the farm, and often provides us with some great musical performances around the camp fire.


Jason Eno

Supplies: Bananas, Plant Starts, Agricultural Expertise

Jason has been supplying Hana Farms with Bananas and other tropical fruits since we started doing business over three years ago. Jason is our neighbor and lives just down Ulaino road and has helped us with countless projects around the farm. He is an expert on growing tropical plants and has educated immensely. We are eternally grateful to Jason for all the help he continually gives us.